Africa is full of talents and untapped potentials. With the #ExploreAfrica series we show you the entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, innovation and the ongoing transformations happening across the continent.

East Africa has become a melting pot of technological innovations fostered by a vibrant and ambitious youths creating unicorn companies across the region. One of those companies changing the landscape is now seeking to become a major player in the Tanzanian renewable energy sector. Founded in 2012 by four friends, Photons Energy Limited is an Arusha, Tanzania based company that deals with renewable energy that provides services throughout the country.

The four friends started the company with a total contribution of less than 1,000 lead by managing director Thomas Richard, Photon Energy is now incorporated by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) and is a registered member of the Tanzanian Contractors Board (CRB). Recognizing both demands and future potentials of renewable energy, Photons Energy Limited has been admitted to the Tanzanian Renewable Energy Association.

Now growing tremendously, Photons Energy provides design, supply and installation services in;

1. Solar power systems (off-grid, grid tie and hybrid systems)

2. Solar water heating systems

3. Solar water pumping systems

4. Energy efficiency services including energy audits and supply of energy efficient appliances

Its diverse clientele includes:

1. Hospitality Industry (lodges and camps for off-grid and hybrid solar power systems and solar water heating systems)

2. Agriculture (farms for solar water pumping systems)

3. Processing/Manufacturing Industries (small industries for grid-tie solar power systems)

4. Hospitals, Health Centers and Dispensaries (off-grid and hybrid solar power systems)

5. Residential Homes (off-grid, hybrid solar power systems and solar water heating systems)

6. Communities – Donor funded projects (micro-grid solar power systems and solar water pumping systems)

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