Game Changers: 21st Century African Women: is a television series that focuses on the real life stories of courageous, formidable and triumphant women who all came from humble beginnings and social challenges to breaking various barriers and achieve significant success.

“Game Changers: 21st Century African Women” is a documentary series highlighting the life stories of African women who, despite facing all kinds of societal challenges, have broken an endless amount of glass ceilings. These women, who are often overlooked, are the foundation of African society. The episodes of this documentary series will deliver intricate stories filled with tales of mentors, unforeseen adventures and breakthroughs. The women who will be featured in “Game Changers: 21st Century African Women” are from 26 different African countries. They are diplomats, CEO’s, philanthropists, filmmakers and authors and work in business, commerce, media, sports and entertainment. There’s even a chess prodigy!

“Game Changers: 21st Century African Women” fits in directly with the mission of The Africa Society. Our organization aims to engage and educate Americans about all the countries on the African continent and to create a better understanding of its peoples and diverse cultures. “Game Changers: 21st Century African Women” intends to do just that, by showing viewers unique life stories, and bringing recognition to a diverse group of inspiring women, who may have been overlooked in the past.

Partner with The Africa Society to highlight the achievements of African women and educate Americans about the diversity on the African continent. Your commitment will help us inspire each viewer of this documentary series and will allow us to rebrand Africa’s negative image in America by telling authentic African stories.